Mr. Kamm’s is a modern interpretation of a classic London Dry Gin using a colourful blend of 45 ingredients which enhance the flavours of traditional gin botanicals – fresh citrus yellows, herbaceous greens, sweet spiced ambers and fruity crimsons.













Last Word

40ml Mr.Kamm's gin

15ml Chartreuse

15ml maraschino

15ml lime juice

Shake and strain

Can flavour be colourful? If you are a synesthete, you might associate certain words with colours, or be able to taste music. For me, smell and flavour has colour and form which has allowed me to create a complex, ‘colourful’ recipe.











Kamm's Collins

25ml Mr. Kamm's Gin

25ml Kamm & Sons

25ml Fresh grapefruit juice

25ml Fresh lemon juice

25ml sugar syrup (1:1)

Topped with soda water

garnish with pink grapefruit

It has taken me over 2 years and over 180 trial distillations to find the perfect balance of ingredients that I was happy to put my name to.















50ml Mr. Kamm's gin

10ml creme de violet

15ml Maraschino liqueur

15ml lemon juice

Shake and strain

Garnish with lemon peel

The ingredients are very similar to my British Aperitif  - Kamm & Sons, but with a few differences. Botanicals include ginseng, fresh grapefruit, lemon and orange peels, apricot kernel, hibiscus, rosehip, blue butterfly pea and citra hops. 








Clover Club

50ml Mr.kamm's gin

10ml lemon juice

10ml raspberry syrup

6 fresh raspberries

1 egg white

Shake and strain

Mr. Kamms is made in a very small hand-beaten copper still in the traditional ‘one-shot’ method, meaning that instead of making a concentrated gin and blending that with more spirit, we use all of the spirit from the still. This makes it considerably more expensive to produce but the resulting gin has a deeper, more rounded flavour and softer mouthfeel.













Mediterranean Smash

50ml Mr.Kamm's gin

25ml lemon juice

15ml sugar syrup

8 grapes

8 mint leaves

8 basil leaves

Crush ingredients, shake and strain

Although invented at the bottom of my garden in Finsbury Park, London, the distillation is now done by Mum & Dad at the bottom of their garden in Surrey. We have a small still called Corinne and at full capacity she makes just 80 bottles per day.

Mum & Dad.jpg

Mr. Kamm’s is a barley-based gin. It is more expensive than wheat-based spirit, but the texture is sweeter and more creamy on the palate. 








Hanky Panky

50ml Mr. Kamm's gin

50ml Sweet vermouth

5ml Fernet Branca

Stir and strain

Garnish with orange peel

The flavour of Mr. Kamm’s is complex but well-balanced - the piney, woody flavour of juniper is augmented by ginseng and a colourful blend of barks, seeds, nuts, citrus, berries, herbs, spices, fruits, grasses, roots, leaves and flowers (these are represented by each coloured section on the label).   












Corpse Reviver No. Blue

20ml Mr. Kamm's gin

20ml blue curaçao

20ml Lillet Blanc

40ml Lemon juice

3 drops absinthe

shake and strain

garnish with lemon zest

Due to the complex botanical mix, Mr. Kamm’s goes particularly well with other botanical recipes (such as Campari, Fernet Branca, Chartreuse, Vermouths and Amaros) making it a perfect partner for premium classic cocktails. 








25ml Campari

25ml Mr. Kamm's Gin

25ml Sweet vermouth

Pour over ice

garnish with orange zest